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Richa Sharma – The Bollywood Voice That Travels Through Your Soul!

Richa Sharma began singing at the age of eight with Jaagran singing. Her singing skills were honed by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi. Richa’s parents always encouraged their daughter to sing at jaagrans and other musical concerts. However, Richa never thought she would ever be singing for Hindi Movies due to the fact that her voice was not that typical soft voice meant for Bollywood heroines.
Richa’s story in Bollywood began when Sawan Kumar Tak saw her perform `Mata Ki Chowki' in Mumbai and impressed by her voice, decided to use her voice in his 1996 movie `Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya'. After that there was no looking back as Richa started getting offers for other movies.
Richa was thrilled and hoped to sing more heroine numbers in movies when she was invited to sing Kahin Aag Lage track in movie Taal which was filmed on Aishwarya Roy. Some music directors did approach her after that – but to her disappointment, for only certain special songs. Well, the fact is Richa does not have a typically common voice – rather, she possesses an unusually soul penetrating voice that awakens the heart and soul and makes you feel!
Richa’s soulful voice has been used in several movies including top movies such as Taal, Khaki, Kaal, UmraoJaan, and Baabul. However, she is still waiting for the day when the tradition of using Lata Mangeshkar type of voice for the heroines will be replaced by Richa, Jaspinder or Alisha style of voice.
Amongst Richa’s heart-touching tracks, listen to the Bidaai song from Baabul in which Richa sang and recorded (originally) for 15 minutes without any musical accompaniment. Music director Aadesh Srivastav wanted to include atleast one musical instrument but Richa insisted on no musical instruments supporting her magical voice. The resulting track spoke volumes about Richa’s talent and voice.
Other Richa Sharma numbers posted on also testify to Richa’s soul quenching voice and talent!

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