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Sandesh Shandeliya, A Rising Music Director with a Grounded Family

Bollywood is filled with artists who make name and live in a dream world forgetting the real world. Well, Bollywood has one young music director who is creating good music, yet lives in the real world!
Sandesh Shandeliya, the music director of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and many other movies is a promising music maker in Bollywood, yet in touch with reality. He was born and raised in Agra. In the second year of mechanical engineering program in Jammu, Sandesh took off for Delhi to be a music maker. In Delhi, he trained at Shriram Bharti Kala Kendra. After that, he moved to Bombay to learn music from Ustad Sultan Khan. Sandesh also prides in having been trained by Pianist Celia Lobo and Joe Fernandes in vocals.
Despite being a musician, Sandesh  preferred someone from outside of the glamour world to be his life partner. His Wife Kiran is a physician and keeps him bringing back to the real world via her service to the people which involves dealing with sick and suffering people.
The composer of the hit track You Are My Sonia in KKKG, Sandesh has also created  remarkable tracks in films such as Chameli, Uff Kya Jaadoo Hai Mohabbat, and Socha Na Tha. He also composed music for private albums Piya Basanti(with Ustad Sultan Khan & Chitra), Pyar Ke Geet (with Shubha Mudgal)and I Love You( with Udit Narayan).
Currently, Sandesh is busy creating music for films like Cha Cha Cha, Three Sisters, and Butterfly Chase. While Shandeliya's creativity keeps his imagination wandering and flying in the sky, his wife’s profession keeps him grounded in the real world.

Check out some of Sandesh’s beautiful musical creations! 


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