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About Manoranjan Radio show
An Indian Radio Show broadcast live every Sunday morning from 9:00am to 11:00am US Eastern time on WPON 1460AM (also heard globally, live, on, produced and hosted by Mumtaz Haque. Manoranjan, meaning entertainment, started airing on WPON 1460AM on May 5, 1995. Ever since, it has become a household name with its refreshing and creative presentations, community-based approach and service to the Michigan community. Manoranjan’s vision is not only to entertain people but also to inform listeners of current events in the Michigan South Asian community. The voice of Michigan, Manoranjan features Indian classic hits, old hits, the latest and the greatest, Bollywood stars, political dignitaries, government officials and representatives, community leaders from India and USA and most importantly, peoples’ voices. Manoranjan has a vast number of listeners from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Arab and other communities who religiously listen to Manoranjan.

Remarks by some of Manoranjan’s listeners:

“Manoranjan is a stream of water in the middle of the desert.”

“What a pleasant way to begin your day!”

“Manoranjan has given a new direction to Indian radio programming.”

“Manoranjan is refreshing, creative and genuine, coming straight out of the producer’s heart.”

“I do not mind sacrificing my Sunday morning sleep for such an exquisite presentation!”

Tune in to “Manoranjan” LIVE every Sunday morning at 9:00am until 11:00am US Eastern time at WPON 1460AM or listen live on the web at


Meet Mumtaz (Producer/Host of Manoranjan)

An educator by profession, Mumtaz Haque produces and hosts Manoranjan Show. A radio artist since her childhood, Mumtaz wrote, hosted, and lent her voice to an array of shows and specials. In addition, she has been featured in many radio shows, plays and listeners’ interactive shows back home in India which have been broadcast by Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Delhi radio stations.

Mumtaz has a passion for music and poetry writing. She says music and well-written poetry tickle all her senses. The passion for music, poetry and writing has evolved into Manoranjan radio show. Urdu poetry writing is Mumtaz’s other passion.

Mumtaz has also written produced and hosted many children’s educational T.V. shows called Daedal Doors on Detroit PBS Channel 56.

Mumtaz has been awarded and honored by the State of Michigan and also Indian League of America for her dedicated efforts to bring cultural awareness amongst the students of Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Lapeer counties in Michigan through her humanitarian and educational campaigns such as the “Penny to Dollar Drive for India” (2001) and “Penny to Dollar Drive for the Aid Victim Orphans in Africa” (2002-2003) in Michigan Schools.

Mumtaz believes in humanity and bringing people together. In keeping with her belief that humanity is one, she has been very actively involved in community activities that bring all people together. She says, “Bridging the gap between the Indian and other communities is my vision”. Mumtaz was the Co-chair for India Day and was instrumental in bringing over 13.000 people from various cultural backgrounds to the Novi Expo Center for Indian Day in August of 2002.

Mumtaz is currently serving as a board member (she is the Past President of the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit Board of Directors). As president of the International Institute, she spearheaded the institute in carrying out its mission of showcasing diversity, helping new immigrants and citizens in Michigan.

She also served as President of the India League of America in 2003 and worked towards improving the relationship between the Asian Indian community and other communities.

She has also represented her colleagues for two consecutive years in the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Mumtaz also serves on the Michigan Department of Education Bias And Sensitivity Committee for MEAP & MME (Michigan Merit Exam). Mumtaz is a very active member (appointed in October 2007) of  the Michigan Governor’s Advisory Council for Asian & Pacific American Affairs. Mumtaz has just been elected president of Council of Asian and Pacific Americans (CAPA) for a two year term 2009-2010).

Mumtaz holds a Masters in Psychology, Masters in Secondary/ Elementary Education from Wayne State University.

 Mumtaz was invited  to a reception at the White House on May 24, 2010, celebrating May as the Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

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